In silico assists you in the optimization of your production processes

About us

IN SILICO is a department of CAPACITES SAS, subsidiary of the University of Nantes dedicated to the valorization of scientific research and technology transfer. IN SILICO transfers the research of the GEPEA laboratory (OPERP Department), and develops custom software to control and optimize your material forming processes.

IN SILICO also provides numerical modeling services, temperature and fluxes measurement expertise, so as to characterize the thermal transfers in the forming machines, and to predict the reaction progress of the material.

Aims & objectives

Ensure the link between university research and industry.

The role of university research in the numerical world is to develop sophisticated models and to validate them experimentally.

IN SILICO uses this research, develops applied models, and provide industrials with numerical software, easy to use, adapted to their machinery equipment.

Our aim is to help you improve the control of your forming processes, so as to :

  • Save processing time and energy
  • Reduce the part defects
  • Control the quality of the material and of the products more effectively
  • Optimize your production

Our range of services

Based on the research work of GEPEA (OPERP Department), IN SILICO provides the following services :

  • Design and development of software,  customised for material forming industries
  • In-line temperature and fluxes measurement
  • Characterisation of your material forming and/or curing machines (injection moulding machines, ovens, autoclaves, extruders, etc.)
  • Numerical simulation of the phenomena involved in the material forming processes


About us

IN SILICO is a department of the company CAPACITES SAS, knowledge transfer subsidiary of the university of Nantes. 

IN SILICO is affiliated to the GEPEA laboratory (OPERP department), based at the IUT of Nantes.


  • In-line temperature and fluxes measurement
  • Thermokinetic modeling
  • Custom software development


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In Silico - IUT de Nantes

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